Introducing the 20" Argus Pigging Ball Valve!

Introducing the 20" Argus Pigging Ball Valve!
Argus Pigging Valves – Recognized as Best in the Industry Pigging valves are used extensively on oil and gas pipelines through many parts of the world.  Allowing for bi-directional capabilities and the acceptance of other manufacturer’s pigs, Argus pig ball valves and pigs are available in sizes ranging from 2″ through 20″ (DN50 through DN500) and pressure ratings from 150 through 1500 ANSI.    
  • Designed in accordance with NACE for sour service
  • API, ASME, ISO & CSA compliant
  • Built in features enhance safety for operations personnel
  • Addition of a secondary grease port to each flange, making greasing easier and more effective
  • Double block and bleed construction facilitate use as a traditional block valve, thus reducing the number of valves required in the pigging facility
  • Significantly smaller footprint, reducing the space required for pigging facilities
  • Optimal production and mitigation of corrosion through effective liquid(s) sweeping and debris removal
  • Adaptable to batch, corrosion inhibition programs
  • Reducing emissions by more than 80% compared to traditional launching and receiving methods
  • Functionally simple design minimizes training and maintenance costs
  • Reduced requirement for infrastructure, decreasing field construction time
  • Temperature Range of -50°F to +250°F (-46°C to +121°C).


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