Sudesco Corp Now Represents Franklin Valves

Sudesco Corp Now Represents Franklin Valves
Franklin Valves has named Sudesco Corp as the representative in Argentina and Uruguay for your DBB Plug Valves. 

Until today, customers have been buying DBB Plug valves from traditional providers which adds larger delivery time , complexity and high cost for their process. Now, industrial operators, purchasers, and engineers in LATAM can call to Sudesco Corp. for obtain valves with less delivery time at excelent prices, which includes DBB Plug Valves, 4-Way Valves and Compact Gate Valves.

Sudesco Corp´s relationship with Franklin Valves balances local expertise with global leadership. Franklin Valves is a world class-manufacturer of leading and innovative in DBB Plug Valves.

Sudesco Corp. offers resources and of application expertise in Oil & Gas in LATAM, with its Partners, striving to collaborate with customers to solve their toughest challenges.

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