Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems
IFS (Integrated Flow Solutions) specializes in the design and manufacturing of modular “engineered-to-order” liquid and gas process systems. Within its modular systems, it offers #skids for #fuel_gas_conditioning.

Gas conditioning skids are designed to protect natural gas engines and turbines or other rotating equipment, protecting them from drops of liquids, solids (<0.1 µ) and liquid aerosols.

These systems meet or exceed the fuel gas quality specifications of reciprocating engine and turbine suppliers, providing clean, dry fuel to increase equipment life.

By using clean fuel, combustion is more efficient and helps increasing the power the turbine can produce.

Benefits of using a natural gas conditioning skid:

  • Lower cost
  • More reliable
  • Delivered ready to operate
  • Warranty granted by a single supplier
  • Functional Test of the complete system before shipment
  • Minimizes erection time in the field, therefore reducing overall project time.

The packaged system includes:

  • Knock-out scrubber for liquid
  • Gas heating
  • Pressure control
  • Filtration

The containers are designed under ASME Section VIII stamp. The simulation of the process is validated by the use of the "Aspen Plus" program.

The system is supplied with a local control panel suitable for installation in classified areas according to FM Class 1, Div. 2.

The following options are available for the system:

  • Ladder and platform to access the vertical filter.
  • Michell instrumentation for dew point measurement and control.
  • Certification for classified areas according to IEC / CENELEC / CSA.
  • NACE MR-01-75 Latest Edition Certification.
  • Pneumatic pressure test after re-assembly.
  • Third party inspection by ABS, Lloyd’s and DNV.
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