CONNECTING your businness to THE WORLD

SUDESCO CORP. is an American company established in Houston-TX, United States since 2015.
We are a leading provider of industrial products and solutions with a worldwide scope in the area of automation and process control.

We strengthen Latin American companies, satisfying their own needs or their customers’ requirements in the Oil & Gas, Energy, and Mining markets, just to mention few. SUDESCO CORP. evaluates your requests and recommends the best combination of products and services to meet your needs.

Our mission

Provide quality services for finding reliable industrial products that add value and contribute to the success of our clients.

Our Vision

Be recognized as a dynamic and successful international company that provides technical solutions with efficient, competitive industrial products within the established term.


We work with products from selected globally recognized brands, whose manufacturers truly understand your needs, helping you to improve your processes with the best technologies.
We give you access to the highest quality products available worldwide, from an extensive network of suppliers, at competitive prices.


Take advantage of SUDESCO CORP's strategic alliances with the world's leading companies. Reduce costs, get the best products and improve the quality of the equipment you sell or develop.


With a flexible structure, SUDESCO CORP. has the experience and the necessary resources to offer products ranging from simple industrial valves to complex packaged solutions.

Our Advantages

  • Expediting

    Keep your production running smoothly or finish your projects on time. We work closely with manufacturers to avoid potential problems and delays, acting when required.


    Transport your products quickly, efficiently and at the best prices with us. Our logistics and consolidation capabilities begin with the purchasing process of equipment, going through all the logistics, including shipping to the final destination, if required.


    We have a department of engineers and technicians specially trained to assist you in the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the purchased equipment.